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Buddy Guy Talks “Living Proof” Playing with B.B. King

Buddy Guy Talks “Living Proof,” Playing with B.B. King

“There was a spiritual thing my mom and dad used to tell me,” says Buddy Guy with sly smile. “I’m too far gone to turn around.”

Either that, or he’s too goddamn good with a six-string to turn around. Whatever the case may be, Buddy Guy’s playing is as transcendent on his latest album, Living Proof, as it was on Hoodoo Man Blues in 1965. Living Proof hits shelves on October 26, and it features guest spots from Carlos Santana on “Where the Blues Begins” and B.B. King on “Stay Around a Little Longer.” However, Buddy’s phenomenal precise playing practically lights up the fretboard of his Fender strat on these new cuts. Living Proof is further evidence why Buddy is one of the greatest guitar players of all time.

Buddy Guy sits down with editor and Dolor author Rick Florino for an exclusive interview about Living Proof, why the blues doesn’t die, collaborating with B.B King and so much more. Full Story at Artist Direct

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Cypress Hill Release They New Album “Rise Up”

Cypress Hill hiphop group from California release they new & long awaited album 2010 “Rise Up”.  After more than 20 years of active music, Cypress Hill still continue to receive excellent critics from the fans and also continue to shake the hiphop industry with they 9th record release! For this new record Cypress Hill worked with Tom Morello for the song “Rise Up”, Daron Malakian from System of a Down for “Trouble Seeker”, Pete Rock for “Light It Up”, Mike Shinoda for “Carry Me Away”, Alchemist for “Pass The Dutch”..

B-Real told UK urban writer Pete Lewis : “Musically we wanted a bigger sound, a more AGGRESSIVE sound, and something obviously with a lotta DYNAMICS. You know, our sound has always been raw and gritty, ominous and moody…”

by Miko Hirayama

Kids from TV Series ‘Glee’ Sign with Matisyahu!

While the kids from the television series ‘Glee’ may have a collaboration with Olivia Newton-John to look forward to this season, in real life, a group of 5th graders from Staten Island recently became members of Matisyahu’s band for the afternoon. Actually, it’s kind of the other way around. The PS22 Chorus — already somewhat famous for their covers of contemporary songs on YouTube — were joined by Matis, who sang a couple of his songs with the kids, including this particularly rad version of ‘One Day,’ from his latest release, ‘Light.’ Full Story at Spinner

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