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Looptastic Producer 3

Looptastic Producer 3 is a great and yet simple iPhone app’s to create full tracks DJ Mix on the fly any where you want. Looptastic is made of three mixer zones that allow user to easily integrate loops in the “beatbox” to create interesting remix with custom cueing and submixes. With your touch-screen you can change each loop velocity or mute them, just by sliding up and down your finger on the screen. Also you have a integrated fader, low-pass filter and repeater to create musical mix. The app’s is very intuitive and fun. Dont take my word and try it in your spare time! but not during school class.. you can buy the iPhone app’s at the apple store for $14,99 US.

by Miko Hirayama


Train Your Ears With RelativePitch apps

What Apple iPad Can Do For Musician?

Apple unveils this week, his upcoming new product for this Spring, the iPad!

With this powerful computer utilizing a 9.7-inch display at 1024×768 pixel tuch-screen resolution and new technology from Apple. The new iPad can become a very good contester against the JazzMutant Lemur music controller made for musician and audio engineer. Plus many audio app’s made for the iPhone will be working for this improved larger device.

Eventually when the iPad will be released this Spring 2010, audio software company will be foolish not to look at this huge opportunity to create or redesign popular music application, based on regular computer or music app’s! I can predict that the company such as Ableton, Steingerg or any other audio company will take advantage of this new touch screen computer. Imagine all the things this superb device will be able to do for musician in the near future..

by Miko Hirayama

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Become a Music Producer With GrooveMaker iPhone app’s

GrooveMaker app’s gives you a completely new way of making music with your iPhone, using audio loop. Using the “groove generator” technology, you can automatically remix the hundreds of loops included in the app’s. GrooveMaker give you 8 available tracks  for creative composing. At your finger touch you can create “professional” full-length tracks and beats for your band, from electro to movie soundtrack..

GrooveMaker is a very intuitive software, that let you create real-time music without ever having to stop the music & your creativity.

When you decide to try GrooveMaker you have the choice of 4 version, including a free version with 125 loops. A Club version with 189 loops for $5 and a hiphop & house version with 315 audio loop for each one at 10$. All versions of the app are available from the App Store.

GrooveMaker app’s is made by IK Multimedia, one of the best audio company today making virtual instruments for musician and composer.

by Miko Hirayama

Beatles iPhone app’s Lunched!

A fully licensed Beatles iPhone app has been released onto the iPhone App Store. The program includes lyrics and chords to more than 160 Beatles songs. It constitutes the first official Beatles content to be featured on iTunes. The Little Black Songbook also features 30 recorded backing tracks and a variety of instructional videos.

iSaidWhat?! Audio Editing software directly into your iPhone!

We recently got our hands on iSaidWhat?!, a smart new audio tool by Tapparatus. The app lets you record what your friends are saying, and then rearrange it for your amusement. Billed as a way to embarrass your buddies, iSaidWhat?! works surprisingly well when put to the test.

The first thing you’ll notice about iSaidWhat?! is the overall polish and cleanliness of design. It is an expertly crafted front-end. You can easily record anything and save it within the app. iSaidWhat?! shows you the waveform of what you’ve recorded, and you can then zoom to and cut select pieces using a very simple interface.

Once you’ve extracted and compiled a variety of snippets, iSaidWhat has an arrange mode where you can choose from words or phrases within any of your recordings in order to construct a new saying. The goal is to string together funny new sentences at your friend’s expense, although you can use it to combine any sounds you’d like. Once you’ve created your masterpiece, you can then share it via a variety of ways, including Twitter and Facebook. There is also a script mode that lets you type up a message beforehand that you’d like someone to read while you record.


Decibel Audio App’s for iPhone!

Decibel is great new sound measuring app’s that his able to replicate real semi-professional db Meter like any kind  you can find in basic electronic store that cost around 80 dollars, but this app’s is only 2$ and do almost the same job for less money if you all ready have a iPhone in your possession. Therefore it is very difficult to resit to the temptation to try this software for any neophyte. The latest version is 1.2, the app measures noise levels through the iPhone microphone and displays the readings both as a digital counter and a analogue on your screen. It use the built-in microphone of you iPhone to calculate the Decibel or db noise level. Keep in mind that the software is only able to show you result before 105db because of the quality of the iPhone micro. Beside that, Decibel is a very interesting tools for musician & recording engineer!

by Miko Hirayama