New Michael Jackson Album and World Tour Announced!

Even after his untimely death last year, Michael Jackson continues to make waves… and stir controversy. The current announcement that a long-rumored album of recent, unreleased material — simply titled ‘Michael’ — will, in fact, drop on Dec. 14 has already done both.

Rolling Stone reports that at least one of the tracks, ‘Breaking News,’ was recorded in New Jersey in 2007 and is very likely part of a batch of songs Jackson recorded with producer Eddie Cascio. According to TMZ, Jackson’s children dispute the fact that it’s their father singing on the track, while others involved with the project claim the children are being intentionally misled by Jackson’s mother, Katherine. Jackson’s estate, meanwhile, claims that sound experts have confirmed the track’s authenticity. All this and yet most details about the album have yet to be unveiled. A trailer for the release will appear on Michael Jackson’s official website on Friday, while ‘Breaking News’ will stream from the site the following week. Full Story at Spinner


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  I will allways love u. wrote @

Michael joseph jackson the ultimate hero of all. This name is the ultimate in entertainment world. I love mj a lot. Since i was born i lssnd his grt creations. What ever he created is still now the bestest. U’ll allways be the owner of my heart mj. love u n miss u a lot only mjs puja:-).

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