Aerosmith Hoping to Record ‘Old-School’ New Album in 2011

As Aerosmith mark their 40th anniversary this year, drummer Joey Kramer has a bit of news about how the band will celebrate.

“Yeah, we’re going to make an album. That would be very special,” Kramer tells Spinner, laying on the sarcasm. “I would like to see a record within a year from the Aerosmith boys,” he adds with more sincerity.” My brothers and I are destined to make another record in the next year or so

“It’s going to be an old-school Aerosmith record,” Kramer continues. “We’re going to do it the old way with the whole band [in the same room] and it should be a good one. We’re all anticipating.”

So far, Aerosmith have yet to demo any new tracks though. “I’m anxious to get back in the studio and do a record,” Kramer says. “We haven’t done a record in so long. I’m really looking forward to it. It’s a nice project over the winter.” Full Story at Spinner


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