The Charlatans’ Jon Brookes Returns to the Stage!

The Charlatans’ drummer Jon Brookes has already returned to the drum kit after being told he had a brain tumour in September.

Brookes collapsed during a show in Philadelphia on Sept. 15, before later being diagnosed with a brain tumour — but the drummer took the stage again with his band on Saturday night, Oct. 23, on the last date of their UK tour, reports NME.

Playing the encore of the band’s set at Birmingham’s 02 Academy, Brookes admitted that he hoped “it sounded OK” and likened the cameo to performing in the 100-metre sprint at the Olympic Games.

He told the band’s official website, “A huge feeling of goodwill came head on towards me as over 2000 Charlatans fans let me know that I was welcome back on stage. I took the deepest breath and tried to let it flow. I hope it sounded OK, but to be honest I have no real measure, it was like I would imagine doing the 100 metres in the Olympic games would feel like! But please let me say thanks again to the Academy crowd for a top night!” Full Story at Spinner


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