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Pete Yorn Releases ‘Precious Stone’ Single

Pete Yorn has released the first single from his upcoming self-titled album. Titled ‘Precious Stone,’ the rollicking new song, which is part of an 11-song set produced by Pixies frontman Frank Black (aka Black Francis), can be had at Yorn’s official website.

The track is in keeping with Black’s comments on the project, which started last year. “Pete told me he wanted to better define himself as an artist,” Black said in a release. “I think he just wanted to rock out. But as we headed down a path of realization I stripped him down a whole bunch. We battled in the best sort of way. I tried to get the session into a fearless and raw place.” Full Story at Spinner


J Dilla Donut Shop Album – Free Download

After the success of J Dilla last album release “Donut Shop” by Serato and the J Dilla Estate, designed for DJ who use Serato Scratch Live DJ software.

Now fan of J dilla work can download the 6 instrumental from the record for FREE.. by subscribing to email newsletter.  All song on the album can be found in Dilla archives – tracks like : “Safety Dance”, “Sycamore” & other song have been selected to display on this great Dilla record.

The record have been remastered by Elysian audio engineer who mixed & mastered “Donuts Shop”.

Miko Hirayama