Jeff Beck Moved to Tears by New Album!

Jeff Beck is on the short list of the world’s greatest living guitarist, a double member of the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame as a solo artist and with the Yardbirds and an unquestioned rock legend. But the guitar slinger’s first new album in seven years, ‘Emotion and Commotion,’ still found him riddled with doubt and insecurity at the beginning of the recording process.

“[It was] quite a traumatic time for me because that was the end of the Tal and Vinnie band and the end of music as I knew it because I hadn’t anybody to go into the studio with, didn’t have a clue who to turn to with a view to making a record,” he tells Spinner, referring to the departure of former band members Tal Wilkenfeld and Vinnie Colaiuta. Then his manager suggested producer Trevor Horn (Belle and Sebastian, Art of Noise, Seal, Genesis). “I thought, ‘Well, he’s produced some amazing results,'” Beck says. “Then from there it went to Steve Lipson, who did most of the studio work. The nuts and bolts of it was done by Steve Lipson.” Full Story at Spinner


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