Supertramp Tour Without Roger Hodgson!

Supertramp has announced a 2010 tour without inviting founding members Roger Hodgson and Dougie Thompson back in the band.

The Supertramp tour comes as a surprise, especially to Hodgson who told Undercover last December “We’ve looked at it and talked it over. I have looked at it many times. It is hard to reinvent us. I would never say never but Rick (Davies) has pretty much retired right now and I’m in the prime of my life. The reaction I am getting from fans is “please don’t reunite”. I think a lot of the magic and spirit that people think they would see at a Supertramp reunion they are actually getting at my shows now. I feel the reunion I am having is with my audience and it feels really good”.

What makes matters worse is that Davies is billing the Supertramp tour as the ‘40th Anniversary Tour’. Full Story at Undercover



  Carl Fitzgerald wrote @

A supertramp reunion without the great Roger Hodgson involved,give me a break will ya.

  Carlos Fiorelli wrote @

Hello, I’m from Brasil and I’ll see Roger in the next May-14, in São Paulo-Brasil. My second Roger’s concert, the first it was in 1998!
Well, I just want to say that Rick Davies is a dishonest person because he goes to the Supertramp tour with some musicians singin’ the Roger’s songs…this is not honest!!! He wants success with the Roger’s songs!! So, if you want the real ‘Supertramp famous songs’, goes to the Roger Hodgson shows, check the page … and forget about the ‘Supertramp-Rick Davies’ shows because Rick it’s just making a poor fake! Just Roger Hodgson can sing your own songs! A pity too that John Helliwell and Bob Siebenberg goes with Rick in this fake Supertramp tour…a shame, John & Bob! Sometimes the human being can be so brutish!
Carlos Fiorelli – Sorocaba – SP – Brasil

  prairie dog magazine | dog blog wrote @

[…] has collapsed because of the bad blood between him and the rest of the band. So Supertramp will go on tour without Hodgson, (Online Music News) and without his songs. Which would be fine – except that Hodgson wrote all […]

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