Feeltune Rhizome Groove Machine at Musikmesse 2010!

The evolution of urban music production is changing rapidly since a few year when hiphop started to re-emerge every where form music tv channel to urban radio station, at the same time the number of  young hiphop & other electronic music producer increased literally. In result, many audio company have taken this opportunity to create many product line for musician that will soon generate milliard of dollars but only a few of those audio company have been able to create product that will change the way we think about creating modern music. Rhizome Groove Machine from Felltune is one of those few company that have taken the right direction when building this complete music production system. We can see that Feeltune know what the musician want.. by creating a hybrid machine with a intuitive interface like a MPC sampler with the power of a full computer system that allow you to use any recording software like Cubase, Ableton & also any VST plugins of your choice. Also the unit have a building touch-screen and many nob to give total control to composer and musician to maximize they creativity when needed. The groove machine will be released next Fall this year 2010 for 3000 euro.

by Miko Hirayama


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  Galangaga wrote @


The Rhziome has been released. It can now be found in shops of GB, Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland.

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