Girls Aloud – Ellie Goulding Surprised By Success!

The ‘Starry Eyed’ singer, who picked up the Critics’ Choice prize at this year’s BRIT Awards, didn’t think she was worthy of the accolade and found it “bizarre” to be mingling with so many music stars.

She said: “I’d gone to the BRITs feeling I didn’t really deserve to be there. I’d only released one single and winning a prize wasn’t something I’d been working towards.

“Getting an award meant a lot, but the rest of the night was bizarre. I was sitting on a table with Jay-Z and Girls Aloud. That kind of thing isn’t supposed to happen to girls like me!”

She said: “I’d met Florence once when we did a show together, and she was the first person to congratulate me before the BRITs rehearsal. “She gave me a big hug and told me how much she loved my songs. She was motherly and that helped me get through the evening.”

She also met Lady Gaga at the ceremony and is inspired by the flamboyant singer’s extravagant stage shows.

She said: “I spoke to Lady Gaga at the BRITs and I thought she was a nice girl.



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