Toyota Used Los Lobos Song Without Permission?



  Paula Sartorius wrote @

It’s spot on. It looks like this commercial aired the end of 2008, according to the sale date. How did you unearth it? Great detective work.

  Andy Porras wrote @

Can’t these guys do anything legal/right/etc??
Maybe it’s time they do “the honorable thing” as they say in their cultura!
But really, they probably still think Raza groups with barrio names are still just that . . . they don’t know who they’re messing with, right?

  TS wrote @

After LL’s rotten experience with Paul Simon, this must be really irritating for them.

  Arturo Rodriguez wrote @

Too bad the advertising folks lacked creativity and had to rip off Los Lobos. This probably is not the first time.

  Lisa Becker wrote @

I remember being shocked that Los Lobos sold out to Toyota. Glad to know I was wrong and angry they got ripped off.

  Ron B wrote @

It makes sense, once Los Lobos gets rocken, its hard to stop’em….just like a Toyota.

  Door Curtains · wrote @

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