The Largest Musical Event Since Woodstock will Take Place in Toronto!

After Woodstock ’99 exploded into fiery riots, the hippie era seemed well and truly over. Last year’s 40th anniversary concert was cancelled when organizers couldn’t score sponsors. But the Age of Aquarius, led by original Woodstock co-promoter Artie Kornfeld, is staging a comeback in Toronto this summer with the Imagine Music & Arts Festival, a massive charity concert organizers described to Torontoist as “the largest event in the forty years since Woodstock.”

Kornfeld, who notably didn’t participate in the ’94 and ’99 revivals, is hitching his Woodstock wagon to the train of socially-conscious Montreal artist David Kam who wanted to add a musical component to the Earthship Summit, his upcoming environmental event coinciding with the G20 summit in Toronto in late June.

Initially, Imagine was also going to run concurrently with the G20, but the police were too taxed with protecting world leaders to man the gates at a music festival. So the fest has been pushed back to July 10 and 11 and Kornfeld expects over a million “dreamers” to attend and is hoping to broadcast the awareness-raising concert to a worldwide audience of 300 million.


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