Beyonce Received The Most Gold & Platinum Awards Last Decade!

Beyonce has lead the list of Gold and Platinum earners in the past decade with 64 awards going here was, according to RIAA.

The Recording Industry Association of America gives awards in the music industry for sales of cumulative album, digital song, master ringtone and music video.

Beyonce scored most with 64, Eagles were second with 46 and Michael Jackson received 44 in the past decade.

Group: The Eagles—48 (WMG)
Male solo artist: Michael Jackson—44 (Sony/Epic)
Female solo artist: Beyonce—64 (Sony/Columbia)

Most album certifications:
Group: Nickelback—25 (Roadrunner)
Male solo artist: George Strait—29 (UMG/MCA Nashville)
Female solo artist: Britney Spears—23 (Sony/Jive)

Most digital song certifications:
Group: Linkin Park—13 (WMG)
Male solo artist: Kanye West—19 (UMG/Def Jam)
Female solo artist: Taylor Swift—25 (Big Machine)

Most master ringtone certifications:
Male solo artist: T.I.—15 (WMG/Atlantic/Grand Hustle)
Female solo artist: Beyonce—19 (Sony/Columbia)

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