Vinyl Record Resurrection!?

Vinyl sales nationwide topped 2.5 million in 2009, a 33 percent increase from 2008’s 1.9 million, according to Nielsen SoundScan. At Half Price Books, vinyl sales for the past year were up about 3 percent in Texas.

“Vinyl is kind of going crazy, and we thought it was going to be the dinosaur,” says Kirk Thompson, public relations manager at Half Price Books in Dallas. “And actually, it’s CDs that are kind of going by the wayside.”

Thirty years ago, smaller, supposedly indestructible compact discs were the wave of the future. But a small, dedicated group kept their vinyl, preferring its sound and collection-worthy cover art.

“I think the death of vinyl was kind of a hoax to push compact discs,” says Chris Penn, part owner of Good Records on Lower Greenville. His store, like many others, is expanding its vinyl section. “The labels stopped pressing stuff, to really give you only one option.”

However, some independent artists kept pressing vinyl, and audiophiles favored the older format for its warmer tone, he says. “You think, ‘Oh, the digital music is a lot clearer,’ ” Thompson says. “But you can’t get that sound on digital like you can on vinyl. If you have a record in pristine condition, the sound is fantastic.” Full Story at dallasnews


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