Japanese Voyeurs Release That Love Sound / Blush

Japanese Voyeurs release they new album “that Love Sound/Blush”.

London noise quintet Japanese Voyeurs follow-up their gut wrenching debut EP ‘Sicking And Creaming’ with the release of double ‘A’ side ‘That Love Sound’/’Blush’ on February 8th 2010. Released on the band’s own aptly-titled label Slimeball Records, it will be available on CD, 7″ vinyl and download. Sounding like the final exorcism of altrock put through the proverbial meat grinder, ‘That Love Sound’/’Blush’ parades dirty big, screeching guitars and the devil’s own rhythm section, for everyone, including the meek and the geeks to enjoy.

Japanese Voyeurs should’ve probably been born 20 years ago, in an era when ripped jeans and plaid shirts were all the rage and a disenfranchised youth of a generation X ruled the roost. But HEY! Let’s not hold that against them because Japanese Voyeurs have taken the sum core ingredient of Grunge and maximized it with their love of rock and raucous guitars, turning it up to #11, with their own, new ferocious slant, resulting in a sound that is sure to make most other bands’ balls shrivel in comparison.

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