Become a Music Producer With GrooveMaker iPhone app’s

GrooveMaker app’s gives you a completely new way of making music with your iPhone, using audio loop. Using the “groove generator” technology, you can automatically remix the hundreds of loops included in the app’s. GrooveMaker give you 8 available tracks  for creative composing. At your finger touch you can create “professional” full-length tracks and beats for your band, from electro to movie soundtrack..

GrooveMaker is a very intuitive software, that let you create real-time music without ever having to stop the music & your creativity.

When you decide to try GrooveMaker you have the choice of 4 version, including a free version with 125 loops. A Club version with 189 loops for $5 and a hiphop & house version with 315 audio loop for each one at 10$. All versions of the app are available from the App Store.

GrooveMaker app’s is made by IK Multimedia, one of the best audio company today making virtual instruments for musician and composer.

by Miko Hirayama


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  John wrote @

Very Cool…

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