Pat Metheny Play Full Orchestra by Himself!

Many musician in the past add a dream of playing a full band or orchestra by they self without any other help of other musician or any electronic synthesizer! If you are one of dose like me, who have never taken any action to realize and put in reality they eccentric fantasy. I guest, you are not the only one! But Pat Metheny was one of dose that add enough guts, passion and time to fully enter deeply into this universe and accept the challenge to create some very interesting music arrangement. Pat have merges idea & method from the late 19th with today great technology advancement to create a unique musical performance.

Word from Pat : “Orchestrionics” is the term that I am using to describe a method of developing ensemble-oriented music using acoustic and acoustoelectric musical instruments that are mechanically controlled in a variety of ways, using solenoids and pneumatics. With a guitar, pen or keyboard I am able to create a detailed compositional environment or a spontaneously developed improvisation, with the pieces on this particular recording leaning toward the compositional side of the spectrum. On top of these layers of acoustic sound, I add my conventional electric guitar playing as an improvised component.”

“At least for me, this takes the term “solo record” into some new and interesting areas, somewhat recontextualizing the idea of what constitutes a solo performance by a single musician. This project is the result of a lifelong dream in this area that dates back to my early youth.”

by Miko Hirayama

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