Top 10 Biggest music services online in 2009!

Vevo, the website dedicated to music videos only, was launched back in December 8, 2009 by Google, YouTube, Sony, and Universal Music Group. At just a little over a month after launching, the site has claimed the number one spot as the biggest music service online pushing MySpace Music to number 2.

According to estimates by comScore, 35.4 million unique visitors went to Vevo in December alone. That’s 2.3 million more than the 33.1 million unique visitors that went to MySpace Music. Most of the Vevo visitors came directly from YouTube, which makes a lot of sense. To be exact, 92% or 32.6 million out of the 35.4 million unique visitors were from YouTube.

The complete list of the top 10 biggest US music services online according to figures from December 2009 by comScore. (in unique visitors, December, 2009)

  1. Vevo: 35.4 million
  2. MySpace Music: 33.1 million
  3. AOL Music: 29.0 million
  4. Warner Music: 23.3 million
  5. MTV Networks Music: 17.6 million
  6. Yahoo! Music: 16.4 million
  7. Jango Music Network: 9.6 million
  8. ToneFuse Music Network: 8.3 million
  9. MSN Music: 6.6 million
  10. Rhapsody: 6.5 million



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