Guy Ritchie Launches is Own Record Label!

‘Sherlock Holmes’ director Guy Ritchie has announced the launch of his own music label, Punchbowl Recordings, named after his Mayfair pub the Punchbowl.

The new label, which is part of Universal, already has its first act on the books, Ritchie’s in-house pub band, the Punchbowl Band. The Irish group — four-piece Willy Barr, Brendan McAuley, Steve Mulhern and Daniel Gott — will release their debut album, ‘Journey’ on in March. The band have already contributed songs to the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie soundtrack.

In a press statement issued by Universal, Ritchie — formerly married to Madonna — said “It’s exciting to venture into the world of the music industry,” conceding “it’s a tough place.”

However, the film maker is optimistic for success, saying, “I’ve witnessed this band connect with people first hand. They have every chance of being embraced by a wider audience and I genuinely wish them the very best of luck with their debut album.”

by Farah Ishaq


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