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John Mayer “Battle Studies” Tour & Story

At an early age, John Mayer was stricken with a cardiac arrhythmia that sent him to the hospital for a weekend. The event forced him to reflect on the incident, Mayer said that: “It was the moment the songwriter in me was born” and he penned his first lyrics the night he got home. Since than, his career fallowed, after watching Michael J. Fox’s guitar performance as Marty McFly in Back to the Future. He started to learn how to play guitar & played with a band called “LoFi Masters”. Than, with the help of producer Glenn Matullo, John recorded his first commercial single “No Such Thing” that began his career. Now, after more than 10 year of success and hard work, John Mayer continue is journey of success with is latest tour the “Battle Studies” .

For the “Battle Studies” tour, John Mayer will travel around the world with the band Michael Franti  & Spearhead. The tour will start in Florida Feb.4 at the Bank Atlantic Center in US and will continue in Canada the 13th, to finally end up in the UK this summer 2010.

John announced HeadCount volunteers will be at many of the shows on the upcoming US Tour to raise money for Oxfam’s disaster relief effort in Haiti.


John Mayer Performs “Heartbreak Warfare” On Jimmy Kimmel

  John Mayer Live on ABC (Jan.29 2010)

Metallica Riot in Santiago, Chile!

AC/DC Release They Greatest Hits / Iron Man 2 Soundtrack

Australian hard rock group AC/DC are releasing they greatest hits album April 19th 2010 as the soundtrack of Iron Man 2 movie. The compilation of track are record from 1976 to 2008. Since 1976, AC/DC have sold more than 200 million albums worldwide without counting “Iron Man 2” album.

Iron Man 2 collection includes 15 tracks from many different albums. These songs range from TNT single to War Machine, made in 2008. The album also include original score created by John Debney a American film composer who have been nominated for a Academy Award for the score of the movie The Passion of the Christ.

by Miko Hirayama

Pat Metheny Play Full Orchestra by Himself!

Many musician in the past add a dream of playing a full band or orchestra by they self without any other help of other musician or any electronic synthesizer! If you are one of dose like me, who have never taken any action to realize and put in reality they eccentric fantasy. I guest, you are not the only one! But Pat Metheny was one of dose that add enough guts, passion and time to fully enter deeply into this universe and accept the challenge to create some very interesting music arrangement. Pat have merges idea & method from the late 19th with today great technology advancement to create a unique musical performance.

Word from Pat : “Orchestrionics” is the term that I am using to describe a method of developing ensemble-oriented music using acoustic and acoustoelectric musical instruments that are mechanically controlled in a variety of ways, using solenoids and pneumatics. With a guitar, pen or keyboard I am able to create a detailed compositional environment or a spontaneously developed improvisation, with the pieces on this particular recording leaning toward the compositional side of the spectrum. On top of these layers of acoustic sound, I add my conventional electric guitar playing as an improvised component.”

“At least for me, this takes the term “solo record” into some new and interesting areas, somewhat recontextualizing the idea of what constitutes a solo performance by a single musician. This project is the result of a lifelong dream in this area that dates back to my early youth.”

by Miko Hirayama

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Erykah Badu Releasing New Album “New Amerykah Part II”

One of most awaited R&B/Soul album of 2010 will be released in March by Erykah Badu! “New Amerykah” Part II: Return of the Ankh album will be release by Universal Motown Record.  Instrumental on this record have been produce by the best hiphop producer in the industry, such as J Dilla one of the most talented and well respected hiphop producer, who sadly past a way in 2006. More great producer have participated in the project from 9th Wonder, Madlib to James Poyser.

by Miko Hirayama

40 Billion Song Were Shared Illegally in 2009!

The IFPI, the international equivalent of the RIAA, has put out new stats claiming that only 5 percent of all music downloads in 2008 were legal. The group estimated that 40 billion tracks were shared illegally last year, or an average of almost 30 songs for every internet user worldwide. The IFPI says it arrived at that estimate by “collating separate studies in 16 countries over a three-year period,” so it’s not really clear just how accurate it is — and of course, the higher the figure, the better, as far as the IFPI’s efforts to get governments to be their copyright police are concerned. The IFPI says that global music revenues fell by 7% last year, blaming the drop on falling CD sales, which a 25% increase in digital sales couldn’t overcome. The IFPI says piracy is the biggest challenge it faces; given the stats, the real challenge seems to be record labels’ inability to move past its legacy business model and adapt to consumers’ changing desires.